Palma 2018

October 2018

Note: now finished

Watch out Palma chefs! Once again we're hosting some of the world's best chefs to lead workshops and dinners in the heart of Palma. Topics covered include Molecular Gastronomy / Plating and Presentation / Chocolate and Patisserie / Fish and Seafood / Sushi / Food Photography / Rare Meats / Edible Flowers and Garnish / Gourmet Canapés and Small Plates. With more to come. Phew!

Keep up to date with current food trends and techniques, with a chance to work alongside fellow yacht chefs after a busy season - it's a fun week with a couple of dinners thrown in giving you the chance to bounce ideas around. We'll have a professional photographer to capture your creations throughout the week, who will also be giving a presentation on food photography with tips and tweaks to get your dishes looking great. As this course is small we are able to tailor it to your needs. Send over any questions, skills you'd like to learn... we'll try fit it in.

A brief overview so far, with more details to be added, once confirmed.

Monday 22nd October 2018

Plating and Presentation

A hands on day starting with local experts who will be taking us through the flavour profiles of edible flowers and microherbs. Heidi Gobel - former yacht chef who now grows and supplies edible flowers to the islands restaurants - will teach a practical class so you can learn the correct way to use them. This will be followed by a practical plating and presentation workshop and food photography class. We'll get creative and set the basics in motion for the rest of the week so you will be making beautiful sweet and savoury dishes. The plan is to build this day around rare and unusual meats, think Ostrich, sweat breads, bone marrow, insects (!) , things you may not have thought to use before. The idea is to get us all thinking outside the box.

Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Molecular Gastronomy

The first of a 3-day masterclass all taught using small plates and canapés ahead of an exclusive event on Thursday evening to show off your skills. Swedish Chef Douglas Spiik will lead a day dedicated to molecular gastronomy and it's practical uses within the galley. It's more than just pearls and foams, and according to this talented chef who has encyclopaedic knowledge of all things science, it will save you time and stress and open up a new culinary world. Taught in a way that is practical for yacht chefs, this day will be full of tips and tricks, as well as delicious recipes. Today will be the theory side, plus a lot of practice - we will use the skills in the following 2 days. Douglas is the Nordic ambassador for SOSA in modern / technical gastronomy so you're in safe hands.

Wednesday 24rd October 2018

Desserts / Chocolate

Chef Spiik is back to lead a day of all things sweet - with a fist full of recipes that you can easily adapt and recreate. He currently coaches Patisserie and Chocolate to the Swedish team at the Culinary Olympics, and has represented Sweden several times (and won) so we're stoked to have him return to share his vast knowledge. Douglas will be sharing dishes with a variety of components that are easy to interchange and utilise elsewhere. Multi-use ingredients and prep is key to running an efficient galley after all. ;-)

Thursday 25th October 2018

Fish and Seafood and Small Plates

At the last session we were blown away with Chef Spiik's infinite knowledge of all things fish and seafood. As a former chef at Noma, and with his current restaurant in Sweden, Douglas has a strong background and many recipes to share. He will also demonstrate some sushi and Japanese influenced dishes. The day will be very hands as on we will be prepping for our event in the evening giving you lots of practical advice along the way to take back to your boat. The dinner / canapé event is a chance to work alongside Douglas and other yacht chefs and to put in to practice all the technical expertise from the last 3 days. We'll get the cocktails in too ;-)

Friday 26th October 2018

Yacht Chef Colab Day

We're dedicating one day to our enormously popular sessions from the last 2 years - where we invite top yacht chefs to give demos and practical advice. Peers and colleagues (and you if you want!) showcase their best work - giving you practical tips and tricks for the following season. It's supremely handy, as the advice and recipes come from chefs who have the same restrictions and pressures as you. It's where Galley Gang started - a collaborative day learning from others in the industry. Get in touch if you want to be involved.

The fee per student for the week is €1100 (equivalent to €220 per day) or €1000 if booked before 20th September.

Please contact to reserve your spot.