October 2018

Note: now finished

Once again we're hosting some of the world's best chefs to lead workshops in a variety of topics such as Japanese / Sushi, Plating and Presentation / Chocolate and Patisserie / Butchery / Seafood and Food Photography. Keep up to date with current food trends and techniques, with a chance to rub alongside fellow yacht chefs. It's a fun week with a couple of dinners thrown in as well. Accommodation can be provided - please ask. 12 places maximum. As this course is small we are able to tailor it to your needs. Send over any questions, skills you'd like to learn... we'll try to fit it in.

A brief overview so far, with more details to be added, once confirmed.

Monday 15th October 2018

Butchery / Plating and Presentation

The butchers at Boucherie Fabre, one of the best meat provisioners in the South of France, will be leading a morning specialising in rare meats. New cuts and techniques, with recipes devised by top superyacht chef Nathan Clements in the afternoon. Hands on practical class, learning butchery skills and plating and presentation. BBQ in the evening at the villa.

Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th October 2018

Chocolate / Patisserie / Desserts

We're delighted to have British Chef Martin Chiffers join us for 2 intensive days of all things sweet. This will be topped off by an 8-course chocolate tasting menu on Wednesday evening, where you will be able to work alongside Martin, Nathan and your fellow yacht chefs. Renowned as one of the world's best pastry chefs, Chef Chiffers C.V is long and impressive. He has seen success as an in-demand international pastry consultant, coaching several national teams (including the UK), you'll often spot him on the TV - BBC's Bake Off, Creme de la Creme etc. Basically, there's nothing this talented chef doesn't know about chocolate and desserts.

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th October 2018

Japanese and Sushi

2 days of practical and hands on sushi, seafood and all things Japanese. We've invited the chefs from Sushi-School - an international college who train professional chefs - to join us in Antibes. Not only will they go over the correct way to make sushi, there will also be training in various Japanese side dishes including current trends and new dishes to wow your guests. Watch this space: we're working on hosting a Friday night banquet to round off the week meaning there will be plenty of opportunities to practice techniques. In addition there will be a short session on food photography to learn key skills to show off your best work.

The fee per student for the week is €1200 (equivalent to €240 per day) or €1100 if booked before 20th September.

Please contact to reserve your spot.